About Aimthetarget

Our aim is to empower you with the most practical skill in the curreent age. We believe in practical delivery. We believe theories are just a tool we can replace them anytime.


industry experts 

Teaching People of All Ages New Skill for Academia, Business, Job, & Fun!

We don’t have typical teachers for our courses. We have collaborated with industry leaders. They are passionate about their industry and continuously helping others to achieve big. We feel motivated working with such individuals.

About US

Our Story

We were getting problem in finding right candidates for our businesses. Many have got decent degree and other certifications but when it comes to applying they were of no use. We had to train every new employee in our organization. We realized that there is a huge gap between current industry requirements and what we are learning in college. You can say for our own selfish reasons we have started Aim The Target with a vision to provide practical skills.



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Why Learn With Us?


Industry experts as teachers

You get to learn from people who are doing it.


Adaptive Course Learning

Our course structure changes as per the industry demand


Plenty of case studies, practicals and assignments

You will not just learn but get hands on experince


Free tools

We provide you with some amazing tools.

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